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Total Hip Replacement

A painful, stiff hip can keep you from doing the simple things in life. Replacement of the hip using advanced surgical techniques and materials is a safe, reliable procedure that can relieve your pain and stiffness and return you to most of the activities you enjoy.

Hip pain and stiffness often result from osteoarthritis (the breakdown of cartilage in your joints), which make your hipbones grate painfully together.  Other hip problems include rheumatoid arthritis, injury, (post-traumatic arthritis) and loss of blood supply to the bones of your hip (avascular necrosis).

Normal Hip

Arthritic Hip

Technical advances have given us new materials to replace your problem hip with a prosthesis (artificial hip joint).  Like your own hip, your prosthesis is made up of a ball and socket that fit together to form a joint.  Various types of high-grade surgical metal alloys used in combination with special plastic weight-bearing surfaces are either cemented or "press-fit" into place, reproducing a smooth articulating joint.  Either component may be inserted into the socket (acetabulum) or thighbone (femur) with a porous surface allowing the surrounding bone to grow into and around the prosthesis.  Various anatomic factors determine which is the most appropriate design for each patient on an individual basis.

HIP4.jpg (31969 bytes)

Like a healthy hip, your prosthesis has smooth gliding surfaces that allow you to move easily without pain.  Unlike a healthy hip, however, your prosthesis has a limited safe range of motion, and will need your special care after surgery.


Reprinted with permission of Smith & Nephew.


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